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Introducing the all-new AstroLite Bluetooth speaker, a cutting-edge audio and visual experience that will elevate your space to a whole new dimension. This device easily blends the power of music, mesmerizing LED lights, and soothing white noise to create an atmosphere of relaxation and fascination.

Bring out your inner Astronaut and turn ANY room in to a COSMIC light show. This speaker with built in LED lights has the ability to project the stars and Earth on your walls or ceiling.

Achieve a state of tranquility and peace with the built in white noise machine. Drift off to sleep, meditate, or simply unwind.

Navigating your AstroLite is made effortless with the included remote control.
Bring the thrill of space to your own home!

-Bluetooth Speaker
-Earth, Stars, and Nebula Light Projection.
-White Noise
-Built in Timer
-Rotating head
-Remote Control Included
-USBC Cable included

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