Baby in Red Christmas Special

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Last units of this beautiful doll. No replacement. We present to you the most playful babies we have, their whole body is made of vinyl, you can bathe them, put them in any position you want, they are beautiful. Features: Her dress is knitted in red with stars in white. He wears a very soft fur blanket Its size is 37 cm. Its body is made of vinyl. She's a girl, the doll is sexed. Bring a pacifier Knitted headband with pompom Sock with decorative pompom. Soft vanilla scent that creates an environment of emotional well-being. Does not include a wicker or pine cone basket. As an educational value, it favors the symbolic play proper to this type of doll: the affective value and the expression of feeling, while stimulating language, imagination and one's own autonomy. Playing with this baby allows girls and boys to take care of their little one just like their parents.


  • Made in Spain  
  • Dimensions: 34 x 15 x 41 in 
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