BrainTools Imagine

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GET INSPIRED: Occupy your hands to let your mind run free. Tangle BrainTools Imagine feature bright and vibrant new colors with latex free rubberized textured bumps. The sensory stimulation is designed specifically to get your mind working. It’s perfect for creating, expressing, studying, or thinking anytime and anywhere.

FIDGET TO FOCUS: Tangle BrainTools are twistable therapeutic devices that help aid focus and learning by giving the hands something to do. It’s called Fidget to Focus! Scientific evidence proves we are better able to focus when our hands are in motion. It works for people of all ages as well as persons with mental or learning disabilities.

SCIENCE BEHIND THE MOVEMENT: While children’s brains are developing, communication between the left and right hemispheres is still emerging. Studies show that movement is critical for cognitive growth because it allows the person to utilize both sides of the brain simultaneously. Tangles allow kids to activate both hemispheres while learning and working for increased brain activity.


  • Package contains (1) Tangle BrainTools Imagine -
  • Fidget to Focus Tangle (Assorted Colors).
  • Rubberized and textured Tangle BrainTools.
  • Twistable.
  • Latex Free.  
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up.
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