Bushfire Mega Truck with Water Cannon

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Young firefighters can respond to play emergencies with the Maxx Action Fire Rescue Truck! Realistic emergency sirens and four flashing lights make for exciting and engaging playtime. Push the orange buttons on the truck bed to activate the motorized engine and take off at high speeds forwards and backwards. With six wheels, the off-road truck can go forwards and backwards across the roughest terrain! The soft super grip tires allow for a smooth ride wherever you go. Once they arrive on the scene, kids can use the motorized water cannon and six plastic fire targets to pretend to fight fires and save the day through imaginative, storytelling play! Add water to the cap in the bed or roof of your truck, then push the blue button to blast water over 12 feet away! Toggle the joystick levers to spin the cannon and aim it at your target.

Measuring over 13 inches long, this vehicle can take on the toughest tasks. Maxximum power, maxximum action, maxximum fun!

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