Feed The Woozle

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Just what is the Woozle? This fuzzy fellow looks a bit like a hairy cheese-ball splattered with paint: his fur is orange and covered with rainbow spots, his hands are little pink splatters, and he's wearing what appear to be Chuck Taylors. And then, of course, there's his enormous hungry maw, and the sign that announces his intentions: "Feed me!"

The Feed the Woozle learning game has three levels for three age groups:


  • Level 1, for ages 3-4: Roll the dice to determine how many silly snacks to serve up; put 'em on the spoon, and see if you can get them all into the Woozle's mouth. For each snack that makes it into the Woozle's mouth, the whole team wins a Yummy Card. Collect 12 Yummy Cards, and everyone wins!
  • Level 2, for ages 4-5: Bring out the spinner to add movement to the game. The spinner commands kids to hop, or dance, or spin on their way to the Woozle, while keeping the silly snacks on their spoon.
  • Level 3, for ages 5 and up: Add a blindfold to add an extra challenge!


Because all of the players are working towards the goal of feeding the Woozle 12 snacks, every kid will be cheering for the others, and everyone will be laughing over the silly names of the snacks (toenail toast, fuzzy donuts, sand pizza, mud meatballs, etc.) and the silly motions on the way to the Woozle. And while your kids have a ball, they're improving their gross and fine motor skills, learning to take turns and work cooperatively, learning basic counting skills, and more. Which still doesn't explain what the Woozle is exactly, but makes us like him better every minute. This monster deserves a snack!

  • Includes a stand-up Woozle,
  • 24 silly snacks,
  • 12 yummy cards,
  • 1 die, 1 spinner,
  • 1 oversized spoon,
  • Instructions.
  • Ages 3+ 
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