Colored Sand

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  1. BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN'S SAND ART KIT - Djeco Coloured Sands  is a beautiful children's sand art kit that makes a perfect craft gift for creative kids. ?This art by numbers set contains four 15 by 21cm part pre-printed images and 12 pots of ready to apply coloured sand. The perfect balance of bright colors with earth tones ensures art worth displaying
  2. EASY TO USE - Keeping the image in the sturdy box, the protective paper is peeled away from the numbered areas in turn, using the special tool provided, and the sand sprinkled on top following the colour number key
  3. EASY CLEANUP THANKS TO BOX DESIGN- Ingeniously designed to conserve sand, the sturdy Birds of Paradise box has a small hole in one corner, allowing you to shake in leftover sand and pour it back into the sand containers
  4. CONTAINS EVERYTHING YOUR YOUNG ARTIST WILL NEED - Birds of Paradise includes four pre-printed and stickered cards; twelve pots of elegantly-colored sand; a sticker-removing tool; and a detailed, wordless instruction booklet with detailed picture instructions - all housed in the lovely sturdy gift box
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