LGA Felt Tips In the Garden

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Le Grand Artist will challenge and inspire older children to follow in the footsteps or rather brush strokes, of the original. Artist are given the actual materials used in each kit to lovingly craft unique project. At DJECO we collaborate with 100s of illustrators and artists from around the world to introduce art concepts perfectly matched to the skills and talents of children age 7+. Whether you are completing a picture board with glitter and sand or learning a new technique of quilling, each finished project is a work of art just waiting to be displayed.

With each stroke, brush markers bring the illustrated boards to life.

  • 4 partially illustrated Picture boards in a variety of themes
  • 8 double-ended felt pens of the highest quality from Taiwan
  • boutique box packaging with an elastic strap
  • step-by-step instruction booklet
  • 7-13 years
  • 4 boards,
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