Phone Escape Room Escape Shackle Prison - Game

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ESCAPE TO FREEDOM - With a captivating storyline, cryptic riddles, and a phone cage, you need to work through the escape room question cards to crack the code and unlock your devices!

GAME CONTAINS - With 54 cards to work through, a printed score sheet, combination padlock, and cage for your phones, this exciting game is the perfect games night, all-in-one!

DO OR DIE - With a riveting storyline and graphic themed packaging, this game will soon have you convinced that, if you fail to escape, you may be trapped…forever!

GREAT GIFT FOR FAMILIES - With all devices safely locked away, this is the perfect gift for friends and family looking to work together and spend quality time on a birthday, games night, or at Christmas!

  • Suitable for children ages 8+, 
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