Playfoam Pals

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What is better than Playfoam? Playfoam with a secret surprise inside! These fun "blind pack" pods are packed with Playfoam in a variety of assorted colors. Hidden inside the Playfoam is a mini animal figure, some with mix-and-match heads and bodies. You might even get a super rare animal! Each series features a different collection of critters and different colors of Playfoam. Available in single pods, 2-packs, and 6-packs. These are great as party favors, small gifts, stocking or basket stuffers. We like them because if you already love Playfoam, you are getting a double gift - Playfoam and a tiny animal. Please note that it is possible to transfer some color stain between Playfoam and fabric or plastic.

Series 1 is Wild Friends: 12 possible different wild animals with pop-apart heads and bodies.

Series 2 is Pet Party: 12 possible different pet characters and two colors of Playfoam in each pod.

Series 3 is Snowy Friends: Find 1 of 13 possible cold-weather animals in a pod that looks like a snow globe with white and colored Playfoam.

Fantasy Friends Series: 13 possible mythical creature figures inside pods of 3-color glitter Playfoam.

Monster Party Series: 13 possible slightly spooky critters hidden inside pods of glow-in-the-dark Playfoam.


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