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It seems December is going to be one of those months. I swore I wasn’t going to let the stress get to me! But at this point all I want to do is disappear inside a sweet Fairy Tale. You know, the kind of tale where you know everything works out in the end and all the strife is worth it? I’m particularly fond of the Flip Up Fairy Tales from Child’s Play. Why, you ask?

The problem has been twofold. I have been wanting to read classic fairy tales to Birdie for some time now, but I could never find books that were age appropriate and simultaneously pleasing to look at it (and not Disney-ified). The best part of these Flip Up Fairy Tales is in the retelling. My favorite example of the softer stories: Rapunzel’s man doesn’t go blind, he just loses his glasses. And the in the end, they don’t get married, but they become great “friends”. Which could lead to many things, it’s all in the interpretation!

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