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Rollease are smooth pocket-sized fidget balls. Keep a ball in your pocket or desk at school. When you're feeling anxious or fidgety, roll it between your fingers, across your palm and along your arm and enjoy a soothing massage. Manipulating them also helps to build hand strength and fine motor skills. Pack in your backpack or purse for easy access to a calming fidget activity.

  • Practice fine motor work, or fidget to calm down and focus
  • Supports challenges of ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism
  • Made by Fun and Function
  • Age 4 - Adult

Ideas for Use

    • Practice learning how to juggle to build coordination and motor skills.
    • Play a time challenge game. One player gives verbal directions on which color combo to pick up. Switch roles. Whoever has the fastest time with correct pick-ups wins.
    • Place all three balls in a container or bag. Try to pick up all three at once.


  • Includes 3 mini fidget balls
  • 1” Diameter with 3” circumference
  • 1.2 oz. total weight
  • ABS plastic
  • Blue/Red, Red/Orange, Orange/Blue



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