Sketch Pals Fidgety Friends

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The Fidgety Friends Collection from Sketch Pals introduces two new, sensory-inspired, clippable, LCD doodle boardsSpike and Squiggle. These on-the-go companions allow kids to draw using their fingertips or the attached stylus. To erase and start over, they simply press the character’s nose. But that’s not all! These boards also offer sensory features, including:

  1. A wavy, grooved texture behind the board.
  2. A finger-painting effect.
  3. Soft, stretchy, and spiky outer material.
  4. A clicking sound when kids tap the stylus on the textured board.
  5. Spike: One of the new characters in the collection.
  6. Squiggle: Another delightful addition to the Sketch Pals family.

These features promote wellness benefits and sensory experiences. The Fidgety Friends Collection is perfect for creative play and on-the-go entertainment.

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