Spin 'N' Sort Water Gear

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From colorful spinning machine gears in various shapes to a numbered test tube with holder, this set has everything your soon-to-be STEM-lover needs to get experimental in the bathtub.

  • Attach the sorter to the bathtub with the suction cups.

  • Fit the gears according to their shapes and colors. Each gear can be fit only with the matching shape, strengthening your child’s understanding of different shapes.

  • Fill up water in the test tube numbered with volume marks and pour over the whole machine so the gears spin delightfully.

  • Show your toddler how to maneuver the large, easy-to-grasp shapes, and then spin the gears – supporting their fine-motor development.

  • Encourage color and shape recognition by identifying them as you play together.

  • Put the test tube into the holder during play or for storage.

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