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The HandiWriter™ & SportWriter™ come in a variety of colors and bulk packs for extra savings! See drop down menu for different bulk pack options.


A HandiThings™ original! Created and Patented by HandiThings LLC (Patent# 5980257)to help develop a proper tripod grip.


The HandiWriter™ and SportWriter™ are designed to facilitate the correct positioning and holding of a writing tool. They recommended for use with children of any age who have inappropriate grasp patterns. Our “Writers” are being used in classrooms, clinics and homes all over the world, and have proven beneficial to all children who are learning to write. They can be used with many of the pencil grips currently available.​ The HandiWriters™ feature dolphin charms on the cord for grasping, and the SportWriters™ features Soccer Balls, Baseballs, Basketballs and Footballs on the cord for grasping.

Use for;

+ Perfect Pencil Position

+ Perfect Finger Position

+ Perfect Wrist Position

+ Perfect Hand Position

= Better Penmanship

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