Switch Ball

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FUN TOY: mono fling set for kids, teens, families and perfect for indoors and outdoors, backyard, beach and tailgate game or recreation rooms.

GREAT DEVELOPMENT: this ball tossing game provides a great way to develop hand-eye coordination, it’s strengthens your hand and arm muscles and is unique and fun to play.

OUTDOOR GAMES KEEP KIDS ACTIVE: helps kids become more active and socially adept: not only do kids improve their interpersonal skills they learn valuable lessons about team spirit and healthy competition: a child can learn that it is healthy competition rather than winning that is most important.

GAMES FOR KIDS: can help positively channel a child's physical and mental energies, kids games can also help a child improve concentration skills and teach the importance of task completion: they can improve their own self esteem.


  • 2 Launch Nets,
  • 1 Tennis Ball,
  • 1 Pickle Ball,
  • 1 Carry Case - Any questions? Please contact us!
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