Taco Chihuahua Macaroon*

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The chihuahua is so cute you could just eat him up. The taco is so soft you could just snuggle it for hours. Put them together and your mind becomes a never-ending "aww!"

And the moment you grab, hold, and hug it, the experience gets even better. The microfiber fabric and super-silky polyester fiber filling make it unbelievably soft and squishy.

As sure as finding a place to eat tacos on a Tuesday, your world will be a more adorable place with the Taco Chihuahua Macaroon.

Taco Chihuahua Macaroon
  • Adorable plush chihuahua in a taco
  • Encourages snuggles, calmness, imaginative play, creative thinking
  • Microfiber fabric is incredibly soft to touch
  • Polyester fiber filling is perfectly squishy and huggable
  • Beautifully detailed with fluffy lettuce and tomatoes
  • Includes one Taco Chihuahua Macaroon
  • Measures 8 inches long
  • Machine washable
  • High-quality materials and stitching - Lasting durability


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