Zoo on the Loose

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  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY: Zoo on the Loose from MindWare helps children recognize colors, understand spatial relationships and pay attention to detail. With two ways to play, Zoo on the Loose is always the perfect activity whether you want to play quietly or get up and get moving.
  • TOYS THAT TEACH: When you play Zoo on the Loose, you'll lead five cute and cuddly animal escapees on a playful adventure until the first sign of a zookeeper. Then it's time to get the animals back in place as quickly as possible!
  • EARLY READING SKILLS: Place the included zoo mat in the center of the play area. Point to each sign and read the name of the animal that lives there. Talk about the different features of each animal, count the number of butterflies and zookeepers. When your child is familiar with the mat it is time to play the game.
  • BUILD MEMORY AND VOCABULARY SKILLS: You can play Zoo on the Loose by only using the included mat, or all-around play to get children up and moving. When you play the all-around version of Zoo on the Loose, players will hide the animals around the room, house or classroom. With this version kids will learn positional vocabulary like under and behind.
  • INCLUDES: 5 adorable plush animals, a zoo play mat, 48 cards, rules and a parent guide.
  • Ages 4 to 8
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