Zoomigos Alligator with Floatie Zoomer

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The Big Idea!
Pump up preschool playtime with Zoomigos, a wacky wonderworld kids power up all by themselves!

Psst...They're Learning!

  • Pretend play develops imagination, creativity, social skills, and vocabulary
  • Pumping the Zoomigos builds fine motor skills
  • Introduces the concept of kinetic, or stored, energy

Cut to the Chase

  • Pump the Alligator Zoomigo to wind it up, put it in the Floatie Zoomer, and watch as it races away
  • Includes pump-powered Alligator Zoomigo, Floatie Zoomer, and parent activity guide
  • Complete kid-powered – no batteries required!
  • Collect them all to create Zoomtown!
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