About us

We are Craig and Bethany Mathis and the parents of 3 great children. My husband is a nurse practioner and loves his career. However, he loves to play with toys too! In fact, I have noticed most men do. My husband can often times be found working in the toy store. I am a former kindergarten teacher. Owning a toy store is a dream of mine, and I love getting to know my customers and seeing them come back again and again.

One of our children has sensory processing needs. Craig and I know the struggles parents face with trying to find the right tools to help their child function to the best of their ability. This is the reason many products are available for parents and children to see, touch, and feel.

Our children love all things electronic. While these items can be useful and enjoyable, they can also be harmful when too much time is spent playing with devices or watching tv. We desire to sell engaging toys for kids of all ages....toys that are unique, toys for babies, 'toys' for teens, and toys with a high 'play' value.

Please come by and play with us. We would love to help you find the perfect toy!