Epic Dinos

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Epic Dino are a must for the Dino lover.

Jump back to the past where dinosaurs roamed the earth with these larger-than-life and brightly colorful Epic Dinos! Made of soft, pliable vinyl, these colorful 2 foot dinos makes for monster-sized fun!  Great for pretend play, classrooms, dioramas, and at home adventure!  A great toy for any young paleontologist. Available in vibrant colors and four assorted styles.

Please specify your dinosaur preference in the drop down menu above: T-Rex, Long Neck, Velociraptor, or Triceratops.

  • Made from soft, pliable vinyl.
  • Always safe with vegetable based paints , and BPA free.
  • Dinosaurs measure:
    • T-Rex: 14 inches tall, 20 inches long from head to tail.
    • Long Neck: 14 inches tall, 21 inches long from head to tail.
    • Velociraptor: 13 inches tall, 22 inches long from head to tail.
    • Triceratops: 7 inches tall, 19 inches long from head to tail.
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