Falling Wood Domino Wall

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TABLE TOP OR WALL MOUNT: You can use the provided wooden legs for table top play or the provided hardware for easy wall mounting. Installation instructions are included. All you need are some basic tools and you're all set!

Space-saving, easy to install, educational and fun for kids! Each of the six dominoes are vibrantly coloured in the pattern of a rainbow and are pulled upright by the unique shapes attached to the string below. Once all of the wooden blocks are standing, your child can knock them down and watch as each one tumbles into the next. The long piece of wood that the dominoes are attached to, or the “wall” can easily be hung from any wall in your home or classroom. You won’t have to worry about precious floor space being taken, or having to clean up a mess after play time with this tumbling toy set!

Total size (each): 14 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 3.1 inches high 
Individual domino size: 1.4 inches long x 0.63 inches thick x 2.6 inches high 
Material: Wood

Recommended for ages 3-8, ideal for special needs children

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