mini sensory friends

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Quiggly the Sensory Octopus is designed to provide kids with a unique sensory discovery experience. This high quality plush is designed with various sensory materials that will help stimulate your child's sensory needs. Each tentacle is specially designed with a different sensory fabric material and also has a marble in each leg for kids that love to fidget. They will find it fun and relaxing to move the marbles up and down each of the tentacles while helping them stay calm and focused. Quiggly is designed with high quality fabric, is lightly weighted and is machine washable.
Each tentacle is a different fabric for a different sensory feature. Tentacles range from microfiber material, plush material, satin material, and sequin material. Some of them have ridges or bumps or fluff and much more. A new sensory experience for each while manoeuvring the marbles inside the tentacles. 8 different sensory options in total.
Size: 5 x 5 x 16 inches
Colour: Gray with multi-coloured tentacles
Weight: Approximately 1 pound
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