Minute of Fun Outdoor

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FAST AND HYSTERICALLY FUN GAME: Compete in nearly 272 different 1-minute challenges in 11 different categories with nearly everything you need in one complete package! Some games require things that are not included. Everything that isn’t included is likely in your home or very readily available and very inexpensive. Entertain the whole crowd with the creative and fun challenges in Minute of Fun! Step things up from the usual board game Family Game Night!

HOW TO PLAY: Everyone performs the same challenges to win. Simply choose a card, and attempt the challenge presented either in team or one-on-one against another player within the given time. Best of 10 rounds wins.


  • 148 cards totaling 272 challenges,
  • 2 blindfolds,
  • 2 flying discs,
  • 2 large sponges,
  • 2 squirt guns,
  • 4 spoons,
  • 6 sidewalk chalks,
  • 12 cups,
  • 12 straws,
  • 60 balloons.


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