Self Watering Plant Pet

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Explore the wonder of nature with the Self-Watering Plant! This garden for kids allows you to craft, plant and grow your own pet garden

Comes with planter, leaf bowl, assorted stickers, 3 paint colors, paintbrush, fabric tongue, wiggly eyes, potting mix, chia seeds, and play mat

Caring for a garden has never been easier! The fabric tongue soaks up water and feeds your plant for days

Kids garden features easy-grow chia seeds that will sprout in just 3 to 5 days. The craft kit for kids comes with enough chia seeds for young gardeners to plant a second lifecycle of plants

Bring your pet to life with acrylic paint, stickers and wiggly eyes!

Save the box! With adult assistance cut out the play mat on the back of the box! Follow the instructions by adding fun stickers to the play mat to transform it into a prehistoric garden for your dinosaur to live in

Build creative confidence and entertain with at home and indoor activities for kids! Creativity for Kids craft kits are a creative way to unplug, unwind, and have fun while learning a new crafting skill. This unique craft experience is recommended for ages 6+

  • Ages: 6+
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