Watercolour Painting - ENCHANTED GARDEN Age 5+ (A)

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Pocket watercolor painting book With Paints takes the health and safety seriously of the children. The pen made of durable plastic, the book made from high-quality pulpwood. The product meets safety standards, sturdy and durable. Have fun playing without worrying.

 Bright, vivid and striking pigments that blend seamlessly with each other. Non-toxic, quick to dry, and resistant to fading and discoloration from direct sunlight. The Sleek, compact and lightweight watercolor paint set slips easily into your jacket pocket, travel bag and backpack.

Our watercolor painting book for kids is an ideal barrier-free introduction to painting, incredibly easy to use. Simply wet the paintbrush, moisten the paint palette, and fill in the pictures. Each watercolor contains 20 different patterns, after you finish a watercolor, you can combine 20 different cards into a beautiful scene painting.

  • Ages 3-5+
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